The brand AZZARO is just like his founder, Loris Azzaro, a Sicilian born in Tunis, always suntanned and sensual: the quintessential sun-infused brand of the Mediterranean.
From 1968 on, Loris Azzaro created flowing, sexy and glamorous customized gowns for evening parties and hobnobbing among the “happy few” of the planet, from the yacht bridge to the poolside of the jet-set.

The Azzaro men footwear collections made their success around three main values: quality, style and sensuality. The elegance of Azzaro shoes comes from a delicate workmanship: an exceptional level of styling and finishing with a fastidious selection of colors and materials. Always looking for a refined men fashion, the brand has also grown recently with trendy and stylish shoes for young and audacious men, from elegant sneakers to sleek derbies.

Beyond fashion, Azzaro has, from its inception and continually to this day, incarnated a chic and jet-setting life style, synonymous with present-day luxury. This art of living gave birth to the powerful Azzaro brand expressed through a universal and assertive male dimension in fragrances and men’s ready-to-wear fashions, on the one hand, and through resplendent women’s fashions and eagerly expected scents, on the other.

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    130 to 250 €

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